ek's clip and curl.

*Here are some snippets of our week.
 *betsy found some pacifiers. She has NEVER used a pacifier, but now at almost a year, she loves them. Go figure.
*If you visit us, this is how you will find miss betsy. On a chair with a fisher price little people in her mouth and a headband around her neck (sometimes her head). Safety is our #1 priority. geez.
*Ek and max were really quiet the other day. That as you might have guessed rarely happens. Apparently they were playing fire fighters in the closet (which was alot cleaner before them, kinda) Max is using the railing that converts the crib to a toddler bed as the ladder. From what I was told every thing in the closet was on fire and had to be thrown onto the floor. Well that's one way to organize the closet.
*After the fire was extinguished, they moved on to barber shop. I must warn you, it's not a place for those who have a tender head.  Those tongs can be brutal. But she does give a nice cut.


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