*We are refreshed from a night's stay at Grampy and Mimi's. Cousins, good food, great naps, adult conversation and long baths with lots of water. We are kinda skimpy on the water here at home. Ek's comment the night before was "is this enough water to get me clean?" See we have issues with splashing, but at Grampy and Mimi's they have an antique big deep tub so the water actually stays in the tub. Anyhoo. Great time with the grandparents. wow.  Betsy was up in the night so Grampy got her when she woke up in the morning and i got to sleep in until 9:30 am. YOWZA. That's like Christmas, b-day and Mother's day rolled into one.  I did however wake up in a panic thinking that my kids were all in the street playing with matches, but I quickly got over that.
*We are having lazy Saturday. The kind where naps are not even a topic of discussion. They just happen. love it.

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