sweet tea + candy corn= happiest baby around.

*We have been busy around here. Lots of hilarious pictures would be posted...if I could locate the camera. geez.
*Ellakate saw one of my senior pictures yesterday. She told me I look exactly like a guy at church.  Wow. Somewhere at church there is a guy rocking a spiral perm and big bangs. 
*The big kids are at mimi and grampy's for the night. Instead of cleaning the house, Betsy and I went to Target with our friend Julie. Great times. Betsy had her first (ok several) gulps of sweet tea when i wasn't looking. So that added to the 4 pounds of candy corn that she consumed (no worries, I smashed it up for her)made for a fun bedtime.  I also smashed my finger and dropped a giant shelf off my cart. A nice man (who I thought was a target employee due to the red shirt, helped me load. Atleast he was friendly. Maybe he should work for target, since he already has the uniform?)
*Betsy turns 11 months tomorrow. She is on.the.go. Things are about to get a bit busier around here, if that's even possible.
this is my daily view of betsy
now it's this. watch out world.


  1. She is so adorable!!! I just want to squeeze her. Why don't rolls on my thighs like that cute?!

  2. Please find your camera and take a picture of that man at your church. I really want to see that. :)


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