super kids.

* In 1995 I was all about volleyball, lifeguarding, boys and big hair (I'm sure academics were in there somewhere...hey dad..remember that academic scholarship to college...cant believe they can take those back after the first year!) anyhoo I digress.  The last thing on my mind were my future children.  The last couple of weeks I have determined that certain products we use early on in life, go dormant in our systems until they are passed on to our unsuspecting offspring.
try not to be jealous. that's a freaking awesome perm!

These super children are results of overindulgence of Aussie sprunch spray and White Rain.

 I believe the overuse and indirect inhalation of these products cause personality altering powers when combined with capes/masks.  I can only hope that they use their super powers for crazy good not evil.

no worries, we have another cape,  it's only a matter of time (and balance) and betsy will be one of them.


  1. I can't stop smiling (or laughing)! Would you have a problem with me printing this picture to put on my desk at school...you know...to put a smile on my face on those challenging days???

    ps Matt has a comment, too, but it is inappropriate to post. Don't answer your phone when he calls tonight!

  2. Danielle- no need to print this picture out, I have already started a nice collage of pictures for you. As for matt...i didnt read this in time :)

  3. One of my all time faves. Thank you for not putting one of my infamous pics on. You do not have permission. Do.not.have.permission.

  4. kate no need to worry, I obtained copyright permission for your senior pictures from Reflections Photography.


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