onions and trains

*Max. This boy keeps me on my toes everyday.  A couple days ago he was helping me make dinner. I heard him crunching away on something...turns out he was eating a raw onion like an apple.  I think he ate about 1/2 of it before i got to him.  I dont want to even describe his diaper the next day. Let's just say this 1. hazmat team was called in. 2. his potty training is on the fast track and going great. (for those of you that have experinced the "blue coconut diaper" phenomenom after a sonic happy hour. Let's just say I'd take that anyday. YOWZA.
anybody got a mint?
*Betsy has moved into a booster seat. I promptly cleaned up the highchair and rolled across the street to some unsuspecting new grandparents. Her new found freedom has given her many new opportunities such as...

cleaning out random drawers when her mother puts her within arms reach. I must say the drawer is more organized now.
riding the train. Is it me or does the conductor look a bit perplexed?


  1. Oh my holy cow that makes her look so old!!



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