*today I recieved a call from the highway patrol soliciting money for various reasons. I must admit i tried to use betsy's eye trauma to cut it short. complete backfire. I do try to use her eye for good vs evil. Although I'm still on the fence regarding the pinkeye story. Anyhoo. This is how the conversation went: 
Solicitor: can you pledge $350
Me: so sorry not this year, we have some medical bills
Solicitor: oh sorry to hear that? what happened
Me: (really they would ask? ok fine) my daughter lost her eye.
(this is where I honestly thought he would say, "so sorry to hear that, we will check back with you next year".  nope
Solicitor: DUDE! my cousin shot my other cousin in the eye with a crossbow. It popped the thing like a beach ball. It was the coolest and grossest thing I've ever seen.
Me: uhhhhh
Solicitor: ( realizing that we are probably being recorded) Ma'am I'm sorry to hear about that unfortunate incident. Would you be able to donate $20?
Me: click.
I will admit i have laughed about it all morning. I have heard alot of eye stories in the last couple of months and I think this one is my favorite! 

* betsy keeping a close watch on her baby! Yes I know the outfit is tight, an unfortunate consequence due to the massive pile of laundry i keep putting off. 


  1. ...or could Betsy's outfit be a consequence of your lazy, prego neighbor who has yet to dig out summer clothes for the little princess...hmm.

  2. yes. that MUST be it., the poor child has nothing else to wear :) But now my prego (not lazy) neighbor is home for the summer! YIPPPEEEE.

  3. Wow, SJ! That conversation sounds like a trip! Betsy would be adorable wearing a paperbag (not a suggestion, but...just sayin'). That little pink baby (sometimes "sweepy" other times "sweet pea") is currently a favorite at our house too.


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