*I have been trying to get summer clothes out for the kids, but can't seem to get it done..
*I found a great quick way to do the "smoky eye". Just completely forget that you wear mascara and rub your eyes endless as you wait for preschool to dismiss.  POOF. a great smoky eyes look at noon.
easter candy- great bribe for smily pictures!
*the kids are really great at building up my self esteem lately. They came running into the kitchen with fists full of my underwear.  They then threw them up into the air with ellakate yelling "look max they are parachutes"  NICE. Here's hoping they dont bring out this party trick when we have company.
*miss betsy is ready to start baby cereal, she however believes that she is advanced and can skip ahead...
*her surgery date is now 2 weeks away. So we wait, and hope that her eye doesnt continue to look worse.
*A confession.  I lied.  I told some random stranger that asked about betsy's eye at the dr office that she has pinkeye.  YUP. so I apologize but I just didnt have it in me to explain.  So sorry random stranger. Pretty sure I completely freaked her out about the dangers of pinkeye. HA. 
* off to play outside and see if i can keep the kids from blowing away!


  1. I think that is completely fine that you lied. People are so nosey! :)

  2. You better move your underwear to a higher drawer!
    I think lying to strangers counts as a hobby. They don't know the difference and feel good that you spoke to them.

  3. Good for you, Sara! Sounds like they'll be chewing on that for awhile...=) My famous story about my birthmark involves getting too close to a ceiling fan...was that wrong?? ;)

  4. I went to Target the other day and thought of you. I hope you are having a great Mother's Day!! We will continue praying for you all!! By the way, I think you should skip the baby cereal and take Betsy to Lupes!!! She will love it!!

  5. megan- i do remember the ceiling fan comment and it was not wrong :) I think I need to find a better comment than pink eye :)

    ann- i think lupes is a great idea!


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