*this weekend was filled with lots of good stuff, bike rides, cadbury eggs, picnics and chasing laundry
my fans await! 
max getting a little help on the bike ride.
Ellakate's comment..."hey mom it's like we finally got a dog" 

gotta love those cadbury eggs  (notice the right hand)
*I also spent some time friday night chasing my laundry in the dark.  The 40+ mph wind combined with our ghetto clothesline (which is our patio furniture) and me forgetting about it until 10 pm was not a good mix. Good thing I don't put any articles of clothing out to dry that I don't want pinned up against the neighbors fence!  
*ellakate busted max stealing (around here known as secretly sharing) her favorite item of the moment, and hollers out "Maxwell, what in the middle of heck?". love it. I'm going to start using this phrase.  
*apparently betsy spent some time in the bumpo this weekend, good thing she doesn't mind it yet.

     pirate princess sitting in her throne. 
i think i just told her it was time to eat
max was SO excited about holding betsy's hand for a picture.
She is obviously not impressed.
Wonder why i cant make the "dont sit on the table" rule stick?!


  1. What in the middle of heck? I love it! Miss you guys already!

  2. Those purple sunglasses are way too cute. And "What in the middle of heck?!" I might have to steal that, too. Love it.

  3. it is the best line! I have already used it today and found it works well for a variety of scenarios.


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