ice cream and tattoos.

*we took the kids to the park, and got a call from our good friends to meet for ice cream. Asking your kids to choose between the park and ice cream, is like asking them to choose between Christmas and their birthday.  However, we had been at the park for 2 minutes and with the ice cream choice on the table, they felt like that had been there a sufficient amount of time.  We did discover that we had no money, so the deal was off, but then remembered our credit card. (ding dong, hello dave ramsey here) but I think even ole dave would agree charging ice cream is well worth it.
*during our fun ice cream social, ellakate was introduced to her first rub on tattoo by her friend eva.  It is a lovely mermaid.  It has caused me to do double takes whenever she walks by.  good ink.  I did overhear ellakate telling betsy.."when you turn 4, I will take you to get a tattoo." n.i.c.e. I have nothing against tattoos, but think you should atleast wait until you are 5. 
next up..trying to make the mermaid dance! 


  1. I've always wanted a mermaid tattoo!! Your kids are so lucky!!! Sounds like a fun day. If you want, I could give you the name of a guy that could teach Ellakate how to make the mermaid dance. He is a nice sort of fella, if you can trust someone that knows how to make a mermaid dance....

  2. Oh my word! Eva and Kirsten spent $5 bucks FIVE BUCKS on tattoos to get the ones they wanted at Skoops a few weeks ago. I'm sorry that I started that..ice cream and tattoos...good pair.

  3. If we can charge icecream and tatoos for our kids, does that mean we can charge sweet tea and jewelry for us?! I say yes.

  4. Tell EllaKate that her tat rocks! ok, I do know that didn't sound right coming from the old great aunt. She is so darling. I think she looks like me.. Love to all!

  5. ann-i totally trust a man who can make a mermaid dance ;)

    Jena-yup thanks for starting this tradition, ellakate is saving her quarters for her next tattoo fix.

    tonya. how could the answer not be YES?

    Aunt Sue- she does look like you and also hates headbands :)


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