catching up on betsy..

*First off, thank you katie for the guest blogging and loving my kiddos! 
*Betsy’s surgery did go well. Now that most of the stitches are out, she is opening her eye wider. We are still playing a waiting game to see if the pressure in her eye will hold. If the eye pressure stabilizes, the next step is a cornea transplant. 
modeling her surgical gown
*If the eye pressure drops, the eye itself will shrink causing severe pain. If the dr’s determine that she has pain, they will promptly remove the entire eye and put in a prosthetic eye.
relaxing with daddy

*But no matter what happens with the eye pressure, Betsy will have another surgery in a couple of weeks to put spacers in her eye. This will ensure that the bones around her left eye will grow evenly with the right, making sure her face will be asymmetrical. 
heading to post op check up
* in all honesty, everything is overwhelming. I have been trying to keep it in perspective, but still have major bouts of guilt and woes. This is when God makes me laugh....A nurse in the hallway (not our nurse) commented on betsy’s cute eye patch. then stated “there’s not really anything wrong with her eye, is there?”  uhhh..excuse me? Do you seriously think we got tired of hairband accessories and decided to branch out to eye patches? YIkes.
*Betsy also continues to add to her cute sunglasses collection 
thanks for the shades, aunt katie! (betsy's duck face)

im pirate..princess pirate..

*THANK YOU for all your prayers for betsy. I hope that you will continue to pray for her eye pressure to not drop...and that her momma will stop buying her sunglasses :)


  1. We're all praying for her here. I hope the condo worked alright for you guys. I apologize for Brie's and my room..it's kind of a mess!! :)

  2. thanks for the prayers alise! the condo was wonderful! that was so great that we could stay there!

  3. Sara-we have been praying for your family and for little Betsy-thanks for all the updates and we are hoping for the best. Take care, Kent and Diane

  4. It is best to keep it in perspective, however, wer are all human! Moms are especially human and feel everything that our children feel a thousand times more! We do a good job of hiding it, but sometimes Target and sweet tea are not enough! You have a lot of people that are supporting you and you need to let them help or just listen! God's little moments of laughter are little blessings and reminders! Hang in there you and Zac are great parents! Ok, enought from this rambling older biddy!

  5. We too keep praying for Betsy! Keep up the positive attitude and your sense of humor. We love you guys!


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