sweet skull...

*it really is amazing what you can find online...
*I did find a onesie that actually said “pirate princess” on it, but decided this one had the cuter skull. That’s right i spent time debating on the cuteness of skulls...i bet my mom is proud.
even pirates need naps
*this week is betsy’s surgery. Once again I ask for prayers for her. The wonderful Dr. Stahl will remove most of the stitches and remaining pieces of her lens. she will also look at the condition of the retina to outline betsy's next surgery.

* I also ask for prayers for my sister, Katie. She will be responsible for 5 children again. Did I mention their ages are 6,5,4,3, and 2? Pray for patience and a never ending supply of goldfish crackers. 


  1. We wrote it down and we are all praying for you at Mom 2 Mom.

    I love the onesie. The skull is pretty dang cute!

  2. I love the onesie!! Only you could find something so cute!! My family will be praying for little Besty and rest of your family this week. Let me know if you need anything else!!

  3. Love the onesie and the custom eye patch! We will continue to pray for you all and for the surgeon. Love ya, Jennifer

  4. That. is. awesome. I'll be thinking of you so often this week! Hopefully D will email me updates again! I think Katie needs to start a blog. I would love to hear about some of her adventures with all those kids. :)

  5. This is Jen of Chris and Jen (Jenny's friends). I wanted you to know that we are praying for your family, and Betsy is on the prayer list at our church.


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