naps and new patches

*this weekend was a nap-a-thon. everyone got in on the action. 

Even max who crashed in his sister’s bed.
*i also discovered after my nap, that my blinds are indeed white...not the brown that i had thought. dang dust. Unfortunately I kinda like the darker color. Good thing dusting doesn't happen much around here.
wow those blinds are BRIGHT
*had a great sunday with Gail and Jessica who treated this momma to sweet tea and target! loved it.
*Jessica has also taken it upon herself to make our favorite pirate princess some trendy new patches. They are the next fashion trend for visually impaired babies!

are you talking about my patch? 


  1. Oh my word that patch is the cutest thing ever!!

  2. That girl can rock a patch! Love her! Great job, Jess! Katie

  3. oh my goodness!!! so cute.
    loooove the patch.

  4. What a cute idea for a patch. Way to go Jess! Will give Aunt Katie a shout and let her know we'd be available to run Grace home or to school if needed. =) Take care! Meagan


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