**Aunt Katie's Update**

**Betsy Kate did well in surgery!  Dr. Stahl was able to remove the pieces of lens that were still in her eye and there is some major good news:  the retina is intact!*  Seriously amazing.  Thank you, Lord!**

There is one reason for concern about our sweet pirate princess - her eye pressure is low.  Dr. Stahl said this can be due to inflammation from the stray pieces of lens* or the trauma the eye has been through; either way, we need to pray that the pressure will hold (or increase!).  If the pressure goes any lower than it is now Betsy's eye will become very painful.  If this happens, there will be no other option but to remove the eye entirely.   If the pressure remains stable Betsy will have a cornea transplant* in the next few weeks. 

Please continue to keep Betsy Kate in your thoughts and please pray specifically for her eye pressure. God is good!

Life with 5 kids at Casa de Bowell is going well. The goldfish supply is holding up and thanks to the Campbell family Grace & Judah made it to school.  As for the rest of us?   We are working hard on our agenda for today:  REMAIN IN OUR PAJAMAS AT ALL COSTS.  So far, so good.  We are accepting donations of Sonic drinks, Max & Ruby dvds & lunch.  Is that too much to ask?

Love!  Aunt Katie

* I need to get out my A&P books from Wayne Wiens and brush up on my eye anatomy.  I am just repeating what Sara told me.  By the way, she did NOT take A&P at Bethel, however, she now knows way more than I do.  It only took about 15 years.  I guess there is something to her whole "life experience vs. the library" theory.


  1. Wonderful news, Pirate Princess! :) The Lord's hand is truly upon you. We will add the new prayer concern to our list...

    Sara~Stay strong! So many are praying for you and your dear ones. Hugs.

    KT~You are hilarious. If I lived in A-town, I would bring you lunch. ;) We don't have any Max & Ruby DVD's...but, we have LOADS of Barbie DVD's. LOL! Have fun with 5!

  2. PTL! Greatest News. I will continue to pray. I think our Mom 2 Mom group would be knocking on your door, Katie, if we were closer! Thanks for the update.

  3. Katie - call us if we can help with transporting Grace to/from school for you. No doubt but that you are making memories with that crew! =)

  4. Thanks for the update, Katie! Thinking of you all!

  5. I was a little worried yesterday when Katie sent me a pic of the kids. I knew they hadn't tied up Aunt Katie yet! We had a great time last night with the Bowell5 and Phillips2! Lots of hugs and swinging! I have decided that Max will be a baseball player! He has a great swing! So glad things are going well. We are not in control of what happens in life, God is and in ALL things He will be Glorified! God is Good! Love you all!

  6. The retina is intact - another miracle from God!!! We are praying and will continue to pray for the next step - stablilizing Betsy's eye pressure. Our love to you all, Aunt Connie


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