sweet ride.

* betsy heads to the wichita dr in a couple days to check the pressure in her eye. Prayers are needed and welcomed. We are praying that the pressure remains stable, otherwise if it has dropped then the next step is to completely remove the eye. I am trying to stay calm about it. trying is the key word. 

*my husband vacuumed the entire house...i forgot to tell him that i didnt put a new bag in after i threw the old one away. oops. also he was vacuuming at 11:30 p.m. Sunday night. double oops. 

*betsy got a new set of wheels (thanks for the loaner britton) Now i just have to teach her how to huck corners and whip kitties.

* ellakate had a couple zingers this weekend. 
-"hey mom. If you stood up while feeding betsy, she would dangle off your boob like a christmas ornament on a saggy branch."  did she have to use the word saggy? really?

-"hi betsy, im ellakate and this (she points to me) is my good friend bob derrick."  what? I asked her who bob was, she replied "you are". oh well that clears it up.


  1. Greeting!! Happy Monday. I just wanted you to know that the Allyn's are continuing to pray for little Betsy. It probably goes without saying, but you are in my prayers everyday too. I think you are a great mom and the way you and Zack are taking care of what life has thrown at you is amazing to watch. Thank you for being a GREAT example to us all. I am proud to be your friend!!

    By the way, dancing mermaid man, otherwise know as my brother Dave, says hello!!!

  2. ann- thanks for making me cry this morning :) you a very kind!

    tell dave hello and that I still miss the el camino!

  3. I bet you could get a ride in one for a quarter!! :)

  4. You guys are a RIOT! I adore reading your blog! You and your family are always in my prayers, Sara. Your AMAZING attitude is so admirable! This has to be the most difficult time you will go through in your life and you are handling it with grace and humor. I am in awe of you!! ...and those babies are absolutely adorable!!


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