betsy's checkup.

*betsy’s appointment was this morning.  The Dr could tell that the eye had gotten smaller. Basically we are dealing with what he referred to as “dead eye”.  Currently he felt she was not experiencing any pain.  
*In the next couple of weeks she will be fitted for a conformer, which is a large thick blue “contact lens” that fits over the eye. This helps stimulate orbital growth, so her bones around the eye will continue to grow. Dr’s will also determine if the eye needs to come out, which then the conformer would fit over a prosthetic.

*thanks to everyone for continuing to keep betsy and the rest of our family in your prayers.


  1. thinking of all of you...praying for a miracle.

    The Wade Family

  2. Yes!! We all get another few weeks to pray!! The Allyn's will continue to pray with gusto!!

  3. SaraJane, God has given you the strength to get through this and He will continue to be with you all. We all are constantly praying for her and the family. She is a bright beautiful sweet child who is so blessed to have such wonderful loving parents and sister and brother. I really feel like God will provide whatever is best for Betsy. Love you all.


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