where the deer and antelope play..

* I always provide the musical accompaniment to the daily "ellakate's wearing her tutu again" show (be glad its family only shows.)  Today I was asked to sing Home on the Range (did you know there are 7 yes 7 verses to this song? Now you do. you are welcome) . So I did the best of my ability. I did find that it is t.o.u.g.h. to sing this song when a 4 year old ballerina is screaming "sing it light and airy...LIGHT AND AIRY."  so today I challenge everyone to sing this song, light and airy.

*phrases that I have heard today from ellakate...
     "not a fan, mom" in regards to her breakfast.
     "max stop sucking your thumb, I don't want to have to fix your teeth"
     "why do you look tired?"
    "why does the house stink?" (ask your brother/sister who keep filling their diapers)  "we should turn         on a candle, mom"

*cowboy small has stumbled on to a great discovery...footy pajamas and cowboy boots.  I'm a huge fan, because I am not constantly pulling up his socks.  I think cowboys everywhere will embrace this fashion.

i promise he does have eyes. He just chooses not to open them in pictures.
*lastly a sweet picture of betsy. who spends her time watching all of us. I'm sure she is taking notes to tell her therapist someday..or possibly trying to sing home on the range...light and airy.


  1. I am more of an audio learner and need to hear it before I understand...Brit and I will be over this afternoon...be ready to sing...all 7 verses!

  2. i will gargle right now so my voice will be in tip top shape!

  3. I think i will suggest to Scott to wear boots with his footy pj's... it could be a trend that might catch on! I always promise to buy therapy gift certificates for my kids christmas presents. the kids are adorable! keep up the good mommy job, you are awesome!

  4. That Ella Kate is my kind of girl. Next time I see you, I'll expect a light and airy rendition of home on the range!!

  5. Light & airy - she must be describing MY voice.

  6. amy- yes i think scott would really be on board with this idea. Let me know how that turns out...or maybe not :)

    tonya- i'll call and sing it to your voicemail.

    katie- yes. she was talking about your voice. perhaps the next time we are together..an etherington sisters duet?...."sisters...sisters.."

  7. I noticed that Ella Kate did not mention lilting. I think that if you add a lilting quality to several of the 7 verses, it would enhance the "light and airy"......

  8. connie- i will pass this information on to ellakate. next time you are in town, you could accompany her on the piano? :)


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