jello please.

* take a 2 year old + jello= villain eyebrow. then spend the rest of your afternoon trying to teach him to do an evil laugh. good times for all. 

* zack spends most of his time doing this, he is such an awesome father and husband.
stop. dont even ask. the chair is not for sale. the wonderful mauve recliner is so ugly,  but great for nursing babies...so please dont inquire about the price for 6 more months.  (this means you  katie!)

*one of zack"s many talents is his hide and seek ability.  the kids were confused, occupied for a very long time.  I might try it myself tomorrow.

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  1. Ok, seriously?? You started a blog and didn't tell me?? What the heck?!

    LOVE the volleyball photo, by the way. Just like I remember you. :)


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