laundry, shoe horns and pancakes.

* this is what happens when you leave sit your laundry basket down for a minute.  At least he could learn to fold it when he's done.

*several weeks ago my father introduced ellakate to the magic of shoe horns. So now my sweet child will only put her shoes on with the assistance from a shoe horn. We have several floating around the house, that can NEVER be found when needed. Thanks dad. The most annoying part when your kid wears slip on shoes...it is SO much easier with a shoe horn. dang.

* pancakes. my arch nemesis.  If if had a family that liked really thick and slightly burned pancakes, I would be golden (unlike my pancakes).  Several months ago I was making pancakes, ellakate and max were sitting on the counter watching.  Ellakate proceeded to explain everything I was doing in her version of a cooking show. I was feeling quite professional while I poured pretty circles on the skillet.  Then I hear the hostess of  "the pancake hour"  tell her brother.."now max, she pours the pancake stuff on..then this is where she burns them." NICE.  The crap part...I burned them.

* last ramble of the night.  Does anyone else's kids play dead when you try to get a decent picture with them? no..hmmm.

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