horses, fashion and target

* if you happened to drive past our house this afternoon, this was the view

horses out in the pasture

  Ek is sporting a look from her new "touch of crazy" spring line.  A dress paired with a long skirt and complimented nicely with snow boots. Not everyone can pull this ensemble off, but I think this future fashion icon wears it well.

Betsy, well who really knows what she is thinking? Possibly questioning the purpose of a tassel on her hood?

* Today my fantastic friend Danielle and her daughter Britton invited us on a quick target trip.  I think Betsy and I were sitting in her car before she even hung up the phone.  We had a grand time...there was laughs and sweet tea involved after all.  

* While Betsy and I were bonding in the target dressing room..or more accurately engaging in round #429 of "lets try to breast feed in cramped sweaty places" I overheard 2 high schoolers comment (between squeals of " ohhh that bikini is soooooooo great on you, no it looks sooooooooo cute on you)  "i am so glad that crying baby is not my life"..WHAT? I realize that arm wrestling a screaming baby while spraying milk everywhere isn't everyone's idea of a good time...but come on!  I personally thought it showed great restraint and maturity not to hurl the burp rag over the top of the dressing room.  

* Watch out world. I purchased some lipstick. Ok fine, it's called lip stain, but it is technically a step up from chap stick.  So I have that going for me. First the return of earrings after 4 years, now lip stain? What's next.. shaving my legs above the kneecaps? Possibilities are endless.

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