it's time to go outside!

*this is my new favorite song, we are going outside today...i hope :)  Ellakate did inform me that I don't sing as well as the giant fish, but can he sing "home on the range?" didn't think so.

*apparently betsy took too long to eat this morning.

* but as the box says...that's life :) Just fyi. I did get them bowls/milk, they weren't too happy.

* so I accidentally flat ironed spit up into my hair this morning.  I learned that the "burning old milk" smell is hard to air out of the house and your hair.  But how could one be mad at this face?

i swear that it is not a dog toy...well it could be, but it has never been near a dog.


  1. Love it. I once was so tired I licked spit up off my arm before I knew what I was doing.

  2. you crack me up. let's add "issues with spit up" to our list of why we are friends :)

  3. That's just plain crazy, both of you. I once put Preparation H (the Target brand)on my toothbrush. Thankfully the smell alerted my Mom-brain before it reached my mouth. Good stuff. Katie


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