the birthday post.

*I am like the cat who came back.  Holy hell.  Every couple months I show back up on your doorstep, a little more mangy than the last time.  You kinda wonder where I have been, then wonder how long I'll be around this time. Yup.  Nailed it.  So while I'm back, I will catch you up on the last couple months.  

* I turned 38 in January, then a couple days later got a double ear infection.  You did catch that I turned 38 not 5 right?  Oh my.  This lasted a couple weeks, let's just say I wasn't a barrel of fun to live with.  Strong antibiotics can do that to a girl. Whew.  I'm guessing I'll come down with the chicken pox next. 

*Ella Kate turned 8! This girl will be taller than me in a couple months, is full of love, sarcasm and spunk.  She is becoming a really cool kid who can roll her eyes better than I ever could and is just plain fun to be around. (except when rolling eyes)

*Then 10 days later Max turned 6! He is hilarious boy who has stepped up the love for Lego and Transformers to a whole new level.  I love his humor and ninja abilities.  He hasn't started the eye rolling yet, but has solid opinions on life and the amount of Orange juice that should be consumed each day. 

*Great grandma stopped by to visit. She keeps me on my toes...all the day long.
* Now time for naps for Betsy and I. Well, in all honesty its time for me to lay down in Betsy's bed with her and try to block her from getting out, while I squeak in a nap.

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