Monday ramblings....

*I bought some wrinkle cream. blah.  I also got a giant zit, that I tried to pull off as a cute Cindy Crawford mole.  Fail.  38 is coming in a harsh way.

* I have 9 pairs of black yoga capri pants.  All fit a smidge different, therefore i must keep all of them...right...right?

*Feeding this family of mine every night for dinner is so hard. Why must everyone need to eat 3 times a day and why can only one of those meals be cereal?

*I accidentally dropped kicked Betsy's eye down the hall. Relax, it wasn't in her eye at the time. 

*I bought a new coat, then realized it is exactly the same as the one currently hanging in my closet.  At least my fashion choices are staying consistent.

*I redid the pictures on my living room walls this weekend.  I don't like what it looks like, but currently am too lazy to change it.  

*When changing the decor in the living room, I discovered there are about 412 nail holes in the wall, which really impresses my husband.  I have a knack of trying to eyeball where a frame should go.  Not my best work. Good luck to the next person who lives here.  I would suggest tearing the wall down vs trying to patch it.

*We went to a pro indoor soccer game this weekend.  I forget how much I love to stand up and yell random things at strangers.  Must do this more often.  Side note: works much better at a sporting event then at Walmart. 

*The chairs at our dining room table are all falling apart.  What? Really? I guess being used in forts for several years has taken its toll.  Currently it's like playing Russian Roulette when you sit down. 

*The kids are already counting down the days till summer.  Currently there is something like 85 school days left.  They want to make a paper chain...ahem...talk to me when we are under 20 days.

*I have started putting things on my daily list that include, drink coffee, get dressed, take kids to school. Then I can tell Zack that I was so busy and completed my to do list.

My brain has slowed down on the ramblings for a bit, time to get that to-do list done!

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