Dead arm syndrome.

*Psst....Hey guys.  Did you hear Mom snuck away for an evening with her friend to do some Christmas shopping? Apparently she really needed some time away from us.  How could we make her cut her shopping short?  I've got it! Let's have a big crazy wrestle match and give Betsy a possible hairline fracture in her arm.  Perfect.   

*So after 19 seconds at Target, Julie and I turned around and met Zack and the kids at the ER.  Julie graciously took the big kids for fries and a movie in her van.  After a bit, Julie transported Zack and the kids home, while Betsy and I hung out in the ER.  After a couple of X-rays and goldfish it was determined it was either a really bad sprain or hairline fracture in her arm.  So now she is  experiencing "dead arm" syndrome.  She walks around with a limp arm hanging down, this requires lots of movies and dragging a pillow around to rest it on.  It hasn't really slowed her down much, just makes for some tricky maneuvering to get dressed and in the car seat.   

Just hanging out waiting on X-Rays.
* We will continue to wait and see how her arm feels in the next couple days, then possibly head for more X-rays to check out for sure if it was fractured.  Looks like I'll be doing more Christmas shopping online this year!

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