picture day.

*Today was preschool picture day.  Miss Betsy was crazy excited about it.  This morning still had the same old "pick your battles" moment.  Ours however is a bit different.  There was great discussion about putting in her eye vs. not putting in her eye.  I finally threw in that she could wear whatever she wanted if she put her eye in.  Challenge accepted.  The eye went in and the outfit emerged.  She chose a lovely number complete with a nice rip in the tutu.  I figured the photographer could hide that spot. The bunny ear barrettes pulled the outfit together.  I chose my battle and she chose hers.  That kid was the happiest thing on the way to school.  I snapped this quick pick before we left, (please notice how I strategically placed Count Chocula above her head.  The bottom line is who cares what she wears, this is the stage she is in now and I must admit I love it.  

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