Fight club.

* Zack and I are striving to raise great children.  We are attempting to instill strong character, love, faith, the list goes on.  After the last couple days, these goals have flown out the window.  Currently,  I feel that our kids are training to be cage fighters.  The fighting has been intense. One on hand, I am not a fan of playing referee, but on the other hand, if I am stuck in a dark alley with my kids....my plan is to insinuate that the stranger in the dark alley might have touched their favorite stuff animals.  Then I would just sit back and watch the mayhem.  Between ninja kicks and windmill hits, I would be well protected.  I realize that this is a phase (please God let this be phase) but if it's not, I guess I can start exploring dark alleys.  

**disclaimer to the grandparents.  Your grand babies are still the sweet little buggers that you spoil, just don't touch their stuff.**

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