Ode to Fuzzy Bob.

* Ella Kate had a bug museum at school last week.   The task at finding the perfect bug was not an easy one, Betsy actually found the fattest and fuzziest caterpillar after preschool.  So Fuzzy Bob came to live with us.  We enjoyed keeping him alive and outta Betsy's hands for a couple days, before he went to school.  He performed well at Bug Museum and headed back home with us.  A couple hours after school, I sent my mom the following pics.
The story of Fuzzy Bob.

Fuzzy Bob and the girls.  ( i kinda forgot to get Max outta class to come..)
*My mom then asked.. "how is Fuzzy Bob?"  It was then, I realized that Fuzzy Bob had been left in the car.  Apparently the holes were a bit bigger than anticipated, or Fuzzy Bob had some contortionist training, because he escaped. Dang.  Now, we have been known to lose countless shoes, barrettes and library books in our Suburban, so we didn't hold out much hope to find F.B.  Betsy and I looked for 10 minutes with flashlights, while she yelled "OH FUZZY BOB" at the top of her lungs.  The best comment she made was "That fuzzy bob, he is one smart pillar." Yes, sister he is.  I had then planned on saying a few kind words about F.B., thrown up a prayer that he was not on the bottom of anyone shoes and called it a day.  However, if you have met my children, you know one of their favorite things to do is make up any sort of flier and pass it out.  (this summer they started a money club, which consisted of collecting money from members and buying ice cream with it.  Shockingly enough the club just didn't take off.) So the following flier was cranked out in multiples and passed around the neighborhood.

to clarify...it says Sat. the 9th.  
*Currenlty, my master plan is to catch a butterfly, trap it briefly in the car, then fling open the door and declare it Fuzzy Bob.  In case you were wondering this idea falls under "Ways to get your kids to not trust you." Then due to my luck, we would promptly find the real Fuzzy Bob.  I'll keep ya posted.

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