ahem. hello again.

Ahem. This is a tad bit embarrassing that I have been MIA since June.  I have actually (shockingly enough) had people ask where i disappeared too.  Life got a bit busy and overwhelming.  Between entertaining my perfect children with Pinterest projects, healthy meals, daily adventures and keeping a clean house, summer just flew by.  Now we are into school again, which means room parties, after school art projects and teaching everyone a second language, the blog has fallen to the wayside.  

*If you believe or actually performed any of the above tasks in the last 6 months... we can not be friends anymore and you are required to find another blog to read.

* My real summer included keeping all 3 kids alive (not an easy task, when they were all hell bent on beating each other up) while slinging PB&J's, attempting to apply sunscreen on them, keeping the inflatable pool from becoming the dirty hippo pool at the zoo and throwing in enough fun things to keep them outta therapy for a couple more years. If you are still reading and feeling like you had kinda of the same summer, then our friendship is still intact.

*The blog just didn't happen.  I did take lots of pictures, but am too lazy to upload all of them, so let's just fast forward a couple of months. Here are the kiddos...
Ella Kate. Fun, sassy and full of opinions.  (Like she would make her own chalkboard sign, thankyouverymuch)

Max.  Average of 1 black eye a week, endless ninja moves and all around fun kid. 
Betsy.  Spunky, still fake eye throwing, boss of preschool, mini me.  Also has started dressing herself (if you missed that from the pic)

I lied.  One picture from the summer.  The lemonade stand.  Yes, our sign is taped to a 2 x 4.  Yes, Betsy may have accidentally whacked her friend Jenna with it on the head (she was ok and got a free cookie outta the deal).  Yes, my kids may have gone door to door and forced all the neighbors to come buy lemonade.  Yes, I love Max's expression.

*So there.   I have made the hurdle to start blogging again.  But no promises on frequencies of posts.  This mama is going to start having a couple mornings a week by herself (don't get too excited Zack, meals and cleaning house will still not be a priority) Naps are top of the list.

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  1. Oh SJ! Again this just makes me wish we lived closer. Not because I could actually have led a Pinterest project for your kids, but because I could have whipped us up cocktails on the back patio in sympathy. I don't know how you Moms do it. I'd say all 3 kids alive and back to school is an awesome achievement....nap(S) earned! xox


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