Max turns 5!

*Maxwell turned 5 a couple weeks ago.  It was the most planned out party ever in our household.  Why? Because Max planned the whole dang thing.  Several weeks prior to the big day, he informed anyone who would listen, that he would be having a surprise party for this birthday.  I promise we tried, seriously tried to explain the concept of a surprise party to the boy.  Nope.  He was having a surprise party and he planned out all the details.  Max is a hilarious and great kid, who just happens to be experiencing a bit of the "if its not exactly how I want it, I will burst into tears!" stage. So to try to circumvent this from happening, he had a meeting with me on how the day would go...

1. Start the day with donuts.  No easy task when he wanted to get them before taking Ek to school.  A quick apology to all the retired men who were enjoying their morning coffee, when we came blowing in, quickly inhaled our donuts and blew out the door with crazy hair and sugar highs.

2.  Lunch at McDonald's with his good friend Brett.  A bit of a drawback when Max discovered that in order to make this happen, you have to include the moms and little sisters.

3. Go to Dillons and buy a cake.  A great way to follow up the Happy Meal.  Usually Aunt Jenny makes the cake, but she was under the weather and well....I was happy that he requested a store bought cake.

4.  Fast forward to late afternoon.  A "boys only" dinner with Max, Dad, Grampy and cousin Judah.  I was informed that this way the girls could decorate and get the surprise party ready.  Thankfully he did allow us time to eat a quick dinner.  Instructions were left on what our jobs were for party prep, these included: streamer hanging, balloon inflating and making homemade signs.  So we worked away while the boys hit up Subway...which means there is a birthday version of Max's Subway dancing.  The end is the best part.

*Last but not least Max spelled out how the "Surprise" part was to go down.  First we all had to be behind the couch, wait for him to enter and say "hmmm where is everyone", then and only then could we jump out and say "Surprise!"
Aunt Katie, Cousin Grace and Lulu doing a couple trial runs

*I must admit it was a bit tense on whether or not we could pull it off and not have him burst into tears.  Drum roll please.................. The surprise party was a hit.  Kudos to everyone for following their strict instructions.  He even acted a bit shocked when we jumped out from behind the couch (which is no easy task with 7 of us trying to squeeze back there, but hey, bonus I found several missing toys)  The best part of the night, was when he walked over and gave me a big hug and said "Thanks Mom"  Complete mush. Loved it all.  Didn't last long, since he has already talked about next years surprise party.
The cousin photo. A success as usual.

Happy Birthday Max!

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