Look who joined the biker gang

*Woke up with hair like an 80's rock band this morning.  Honestly, if I would had some White Rain, I would have shellacked this stellar hairdo down and rocked out the day.  I need to write hairspray on the list.

*Also this morning, we had a hard time figuring out show and tell.  Really how do you follow up taking Betsy's fake eye.  It's a tough act to follow. We ended up taking a "boring old picture of Zack" her words, not mine. Personally I thought it was a cool picture of the (ahem) old days of being a forest fire fighter in California.

*This week Betsy surprised us yet again with her awesome skills. This 2 year old now rides a bike without training wheels.  Its a bit more like a screaming banshee down the street.  All I can say besides (watch out for the parked cars) is I can't wait to show the video to her doctors who warned us after her accident, that balance will probably be an issue.  Let's do a couple of fist pumps in the air for one eyed kids everywhere.  Hot dang.

*Hope your weekend is a good one. If you are coming to visit us, I don't recommend parking on our street.  You have been warned.

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