first day of school (last week)

*Here is our version of the 1st day of school blog post.  Only a week late, so not too bad. 
Before school.
After school with a smile! (which was totally short lived, since we suffer from after school meltdowns on the first week)

*The other two were shipped off to Grampy and Mimi's house for a couple nights.  Zack was out of town all week for meetings, so Ek and I got some time alone.  I had a couple of glorious mornings on my own (hello target) and didn't have to worry about getting 3 kids shoved loaded into the car in the morning. It gave me a glimpse into the future, I must admit I like what I see.  Although Zack apparently sees me with a paying job....
Betsy decided Mimi's glasses were a fashion must. I think she looks 12 here..
Max showing Grampy his parade of puzzles.

*It was a good start to the first week, especially since we aren't the family that gets on a schedule BEFORE school.  Maybe next year?

*Betsy and I headed to see Bud on Friday.  It was the first trip without any other adult.  I had to give myself a pep talk that I was 36 had 3 kids, surely I can drive several hours with only 1.  Right? Right?  We did great, loaded down with more snacks than a flipping grocery store and a selection of Christmas DVD's (Betsy's choice not mine)  Bud was fantastic as usual, he checked and polished her eye. Betsy informed him of her plans for a teddy bear painted onto her next eye. Oh my.  A quick stop at Target, removal of eye in Target (stinker turned it around) and then headed home. It was a long day, but good and now I have Christmas carols stuck in my head, thanks so much Max and Ruby.

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  1. Max and Ruby allll the way to KC? Ruby's voice... sounds like hours of torture! God love ya...


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