Bike rides

*Today we had a great example of irony in our household: momma on the treadmill gasping through her 4 miles, (trust me, it ain't pretty) while Betsy feeds me plastic donuts, french fries and ice cream. Pretty sure she gets her twisted sense of humor from me  her dad.

*I purchased a bike this past weekend.  I am pretty excited. My last bike was sold several years ago when I was pregnant with Max. There was no way I was thinking about bike riding at that time, and it was an beat up men's mountain bike. So now with my new purchase, the kids are I are rolling.  As in 2-3 bike rides a day.  Seriously helps out with nap time, but does a number on sharing skills.  The younger 2 want to lead all.the.time.  They solve this problem by going different directions at every corner, convinced the other one will fall in line and follow. So our rides are accompanied by my screeching voice..."no. on the sidewalk, not that sidewalk, this way, we have to go the same way, seriously, car, car, car, who wants a plastic donut?" One solution is heading up to the awesome sidewalks at the local college, but now with school back in session the additional moving targets don't help us.  Surely we should get it together by Winter?
Rolling with Max
This chick rides like she is on fire, this was one brief moment where she actually stopped.

nap time is glorious.
I am not sure why she looks like she is angry sleeping? Maybe max is leading the bike ride in her dream?

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