motivational showers.

*So.....remember Friday's blog post about celebrating everything that had been accomplished? Well today is Monday, so that's a whole new ballgame.
Betsy is helping me locate some motivation today.  So far haven't found any.
*This weekend Grampy came to visit (Yay) and I got harassed by a couple of snotty girls.  Ariel and Mermaid Barbie to be exact.
The shower hecklers.
These two judgemental girls have been hanging out/drying out in the shower for the past couple of days. Friday night I was taking my shower when I heard snickering.  I honestly did feel like someone was watching me.  These snarky girls, who are a bit fake if you ask me, were whispering about things like cellulite and saggy areas.  I am not one to back down from a good confrontation, so I gave them a stern conversation that involved them experiencing the same fate as Ariel #1, so they changed their tune.  Saturday night's shower was a whole new experience, they complimented me on my nicely conditioned hair and how toned my calves looked. I think I might keep them around for a bit longer, or at least until they dry out.

*Obviously Betsy has not found my motivation since I just typed a whole paragraph on my showers, so here's hoping I can at least get the kids fed today! 

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