Rocking out to bath time.

*Morning. Here's a tip I want to pass on.  When your husband has a meeting in the evening and leaves you with (insert your number of kiddos here) whiny kids.  I find that blaring the Eye of the Tiger tune does wonders. Personally I had to rock out to it 3 times (don't judge I had NO motivation to bathe my dirty children).  I highly suggest you try this.  Heck, try it when your husband is home, perhaps he will think you have snapped and do baths for you.  You can thank me later.

*I love EllaKate's fashion. Sometimes I wish that I could pull off some of her looks. Around here as long as it is appropriate, matching isn't an issue. (I am guessing that by looking at most of the pictures on this blog you have already guessed that.) Ek sported this look to dinner with our good friends. I think it was a stellar choice.  The sparkle boots really pull it together. My plans are to introduce her to the fashion ideas of Cindi Lauper, but I think she is already there.

*This household rarely can find a meal that everyone loves. Last night was a hit for Max. I think the pose says it all. 

*Now off to prepare for a day of kids. I have 3 extras throughout the day. Zack is taking a day off, I may or may not have mentioned our plans for the day to him.  This should be interesting...

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