quick tips.

*Things i  have learned this week...
-If you need new pillows, just buy them.  Do NOT try to wash your feather pillows. They will come out smelling like molding feathers from a dead chicken. (trust me). Which in turn, will make your house smell the same. So then you must open the windows on the windiest day of the year. On a side note, my kids love playing in wind tunnels.
-If you let your kids crack eggs when cooking, have them crack them first before you put in other ingredients.  It makes the "hunt for egg shells" game much easier.
-Do not let your child walk across the street with 45 mph wind gusts while carrying a trash bag filled with balloons.  No worries we finally found max 15 miles north.
-the baby will "unload" the 3lbs of green beans from the night before, right as the trash man drives off.
-You will spend lots of money to put the first child in tiny tots gym class and music class. But with the 3rd...you turn on the radio and watch her do this :)

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  1. So funny! We did the same with our older kids - Kindermusik. Our 3rd kiddo got the radio and what was left of the instruments. They'll be way more creative for it :)


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