pirate princess. 1 year later.

*We are friends, so let's be blunt. It's been a hell of a year. I have tried not to let the one year anniversary of Betsy's accident consume me. Honestly though, it's hard to keep the guilt thoughts at bay, regardless of the date. I keep telling myself there are worse things, its just an eye. But then the voice in my head screams out "it's a freaking eye".  I have tried to get the other voices to tell him to shut it. But hasn't worked so far. :)

*Each day I still have snippets of random memories of the accident. One memory that is really comforting are the amazing family and friends we have. When I think back on all the little things that people did for us. It is astounding. 
-The friends/family who came at a moments notice to care for the kids
-those who did our mountains of laundry
-cleaned up the crib
-drove to Wichita to get car seats for the older kids and to comfort us
-my parents, who did everything.
-friends who opened their home for us to stay for free in K.C for all the back and forth trips
-friends who stayed with me when we got home
-my sister and her husband who had more "cousin camps" then we can count 
-friends who did blog posts to encourage prayers for betsy
- friends who would let me call them in the wee hours of the morning
-When I hear how far reaching the prayers came for Betsy and for all the complete strangers that took a moment to pray, it is a love I will never forget.

*I am aware that in the grand scheme of life, this is nothing. We are lucky.

*Here are some photos of betsy kate over the year.  The awesome conformer still amazes and freaks me out, but wow. When this all happened I could have never dreamed that her eye would look so great. We are so blessed.

The day before the accident. Betsy was 3 1/2 months old. Honesty, I don't really remember her with both eyes.
After yet another surgery
A much needed vacation in Colorado.
6 month photos
First picture with painted conformer! It still blows me away.
1st birthday with Grampy and Mimi
new glasses

sweet pirate princess today.
*I am a bit of a mess today, so I will end with this...how extremely grateful we are for all the miracles and prayers for our sweet pirate princess. They have truly saved me at times. But still...it's been a hell of a year. One thing remains true, no matter how many eyes you have, Betsy kate, how we love you.


  1. This is a perfect post.
    Hugs to both of you today! :)

  2. You and Zac are amazing! Yes, you have had a very tough year, but think of all the rewards! You named a few and some you won't even realize for years! Moms and Dads always think that they teach their kids the most important lessons in life, HA, it is the kids that teach the parents that are willing to learn! Keep up the good work and faith. God will bring you through! Love you all!

  3. You are such a brave, beautiful, happy girlie, Miss Betsy! SJ, I feel lucky every time I think about the privilege it has been to watch your family this year. You're sincere, brave, funny, and most of all - an incredibly amazing mama and friend! Lucky lucky lucky world it is because of you!!! - tb

  4. I found your blog through Amy's Finding The Balance when she requested prayer for you all. I am constantly amazed at your approach through this situation. Your humor and grace is amazing. Be blessed today. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope." Praying that your hearts will be comforted in ways you could never imagine.


  5. What an incredible post! Everyone at our house loves Betsy Kate even though they know her only through pics. I'm so sorry you, your family and sweet little Betsy Kate have been through hell and back this year but I'm so thankful I gained a BFF in the process :)

  6. thanks for all the very sweet comments. They mean more than I can say!

  7. What a wise woman you are Sara! I am sorry for the struggle. Your faith and honesty are such a testament. I hope to see you and the whole family soon.


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