flying squirrel and sister

*this post is going to shock you. It's pictures of my lovely children jumping off things. Shocked?! Yup thought so.  This was a lazy afternoon where Zack and I wanted naps and the older 2...did not. So we laid in bed and let them perform death-defying tricks off the chair. We are stellar parents like that.
my sweet ellakate
trying to get a nice smile from both...not quite there yet.
modeling yet another great fashion choice
betsy. We didn't let her do any jumping. We do have some rules. 

This is my favorite. What great form.
finally good smiles! Apparently max needs ek's help to introduce some other colors into his wardrobe. Although, he does match.
Tandem jump. Very rare.

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  1. I want to play at your house! (BTW - You have such gorgeous kiddos.)


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