Birthdays galore

*Ellakate turned 5 several days ago.  She had a fun (sugar filled) day which included a giant donut. I did apologize to her preschool teacher as we dropped her off moments later. 
a quick pose before presents
modeling her new jewels from Aunt Judy and Uncle Raymond!

*We had a little party with Grampy and Mimi on her birthday, then had a great extended family party at Aunt Katie's a few days later. The fun and a little hectic thing about our family is we have close birthdays with the 3 youngest. My niece Lulu turned 4 on January 31st, Ek was 5 on Feb 1st and Max hits the big 3 on Feb 11th. So this year we decided to free up a couple weekends and have a 3-4-5 party. (on a side note there are 6 grandkids. Currently they are 1,3,4,5,6 and 7 years old. For the record it was Katie that forgot to have another baby hence the gap between 1 and 3 HA.) All three did really well sharing a party together. Of course there were 3 cakes so that helped. I think a great time was had by all.
*Here are pictures of Ek, Lulu and Max with their cakes

*Miss Betsy stealing Lulu's new birthday friends!

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