road trip.

*This Saturday I had the best.time.ever. I got to spend an entire day with my fabulous sister! We decided it has been atleast 9 years since we have spent the day together. Alone.  The downside is that we were spending the day traveling to my grandmother's funeral. So that was the not so fun part, obviously.  On a brighter note I have not laughed so much and so hard in a very long time.

*We started off at 11pm friday night trying to find appropriate funeral attire. When you have been out of the work force for so long, you have a tendency to give away/throw out those old work clothes. I fortunately did find a pair of dress pants that amazingly fit from 6 years ago. They also (in case you were wondering) did not have pleats or pinch rolled legs. So that's a plus. Katie on the other hand was not so lucky.  She did come up with a awesome pair of snake skin-like spandex pants that she received as a gag gift. I nicely offered $300 bucks cash for her to wear them and even threw in an extra $50 if cowboy boots were added.  They did make the trip with us, but unfortunately ( or fortunately for my mom's heart) did not attend the funeral. 

*We kept our spirits up with large amounts of diet coke. This seemed like a good idea in the wee hours of the morning, but by late afternoon not so much. Katie decided to take some pictures to document the journey.
I decided I was not a fan of my double chin. My supportive sister's comment "No worries the sun really covers it up. Nice. She could have said "what double chin" geez.
Notice here how I tried to cover up the double chin. Totally successful. NOT.
sisterly love
the awesome pants

News flash: My sister is really Liza Minnelli. (notice the pants utilized as an attractive scarf)
we successfully helped sonic meet their yearly sales goal.
no trip is complete without a big hair flip. It totally goes with the 90's Sirius radio station.
*Thanks Liza for the great laughs. You are my favorite sister ever.


  1. I can only imagine the fun you two had. :)

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Makes me smile to look at those happy photos :)

  3. I remember the pants! She looked fab! So glad you had soooooooooo much time to be together in the great northeast!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sara. Aunt Connie

  5. I would have paid her another $300 to wear them. . . LOL

    Jenn Fork


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