birthday fights.

* So yesterday I turned 35. ( I know, I know I don't look a day over 34) The day was filled with lots of fun things. My only mistake was telling my kids that I wanted them to play nice all day and take naps. FAIL. Instead my sweet babies beat the tar out of each other most of the day, refused to take any sort of nap/rest. Ellakate even mentioned at one point " We really should listen to you, it is your birthday after all" Ummmm Ya think? Betsy was kind enough to let me yank her off the table atleast 35 times so that was nice.  Next year, I going to ask them to fight. We will see how that works out.

Betsy on her 35th climb of the day.
Magnum P.I. jr 
The quick moment of peace and love between the mustache twins on my birthday. (no worries washable markers)

*I did have a fab birthday. Thanks to all my loving family and friends who made it so great. But next year....just babysit my kids :)

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