monday again?

*Today is my Monday.  Here it is so far.
-Dr's appointments for 2 kids. Waited forever, apparently the Dr came in when we were on our 3rd trip to the bathroom. blah.
-betsy had to have some blood drawn for routine 12 month tests. Ek thought that I was trying to hurt betsy while i was holding her down for the nurses. So she proceeded to cry and punch me in the bum atleast 40 times while they drew blood. Poor girl just wanted me to stop. (helloooo wasn't fun for me either)  I tried to discuss what was happening with her, while holding betsy. No luck. The nurse and I started laughing over the helplessness all around.  Needless to say, I'm hoping that 40 strong punches might firm up the old backside?
-Sonic for everyone after that ordeal. Max spilled his milk all over his lunch, and he wasn't too pleased when I rinsed off his corn dog and made him finish eating it.
-Cue ek to drop the milkshake that we splurged on for everyone to share. I think there was 3 drops left and our kitchen looked like a mud pit.
-Shortly after I helped max in the bathroom, where he peed all over my jeans. Did i mention that he was on the toilet, but aim was not on our side. He did exclaim that his pants were all dry. Go figure.
-All down for naps and the UPS man shows up with deliveries. Yay for betsy's new glasses, but BOO for the doorbell waking everyone up. Also I forgot that ek put 400 barrettes in my hair during her rest time. The poor guy is probably calling a rehab center for me right now. It's a great look, not a hair out of place.
-It's 3 pm now I think we are going to call it a day and watch movies the rest of the afternoon :)

*Here are some pictures from our huge leaf pile yesterday.

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm laughing or crying! Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet and funny friend.


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