bday party

*thanks for all the birthday wishes for Betsy. She had a great full weekend of celebrating. Here are a couple pictures. 

*Now we are back to trying to dig out of the piles of crazy in our house. This morning alone I found a can of green beans underneath ellakate's dresser and a new bottle of bbq sauce under betsy's crib.  Apparently i need to dig out the baby proof latches for the lower cabinets, since Betsy likes to grocery shop. I found that leftover cake (thanks again jenny for the great cupcake cake!) really hinders getting anything done. Well off to shovel some more junk around!


  1. She is so stinking cute! Happy (late)Birthday Betsy!

  2. Pony tails WERE my favorite look for Betsy but now it's the pink birthday hat. So cute!

  3. her eye looks AMAZING!!! she is so pretty. happy late birthday!


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