nice collar.

*ellakate's comment today to max.. "max you are wearing a shirt with a collar. Only dads and dogs wear collars. You must be a dog." Max just gave her a "whatever" look straightened his collar and went on about his day.

*earlier this week Ek was goofing around at church and smacked her face on a table. She decided just hitting her face wasnt enough, so she severed the small piece of skin that connects the underside of her lip to her gum (apparently not all kids have this) Our dentist has informed us that he would clip this when she was 6 or 7.  So we thought that was nice that Ek saved us a couple hundred bucks in dentist bills!  Her lip is finally starting to heal..just another day around here. geez.
**Thanks to everyone who came out to support PlaneJane and the barn sale on Saturday.  Betsy and I had a great time seeing everyone and coming home with yet more PlaneJane stuff!

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