eye story #419

*I had a "true" Monday yesterday. Here's the highlights.
_betsy spilled a half bottle of syrup on the floor. Note to self: putting syrup on the bottom shelf not the brightest idea.
_ ellakate informed me i was "meaner than the meanest moms in the whole world." geez that was for asking her to get dressed. Imagine if I would have asked her something hard.
_had yet another run-in with the local pharmacy. I was picking up some medicine for betsy's eye.  The pharmacy is aware of the situation, and we have filled MANY prescriptions for betsy here. I tried to deny the consultation without any luck.

Pharmacist: this medicine will make her vision blurry.
me: that's ok. it doesn't matter.
Pharmacist: well it will be really blurry.
me: doesn't matter at all.
Pharmacist: is she walking? Because her vision will be blurry
me: she has NO vision in the eye. So it.does.not.matter.
Pharmacist: well her vision will be blurry.
me: you don't say. ok I'll watch for that.

_I am thinking about taking her back in today and saying. "Holy Moley, that medicine made her vision blurry and just look at what it did to her eye"  ha.

*So far our Tuesday is leaps and bounds ahead of Monday, but it's only 10 am. :)


  1. Bahahahaha! It will be really blurry. Thanks for the tip! I love her little sister onsie and her pigtails. :) PS You can't be the meanest - I have already nabbed that prize. xoxo Katie

  2. You crack me up! Love your stories!

  3. I love your stories too! I was told that I am a mean mom too today. Oh well life goes on! Thanks for sharing. Betsy is adorable!

  4. Are these pigtails really good for the roots of her hair? They might make her vision blurry! Maybe he is legally required to tell you that, like when the policeman reads you your rights? Otherwise, REALLY! PLEASE!
    Betsy is just so cute. I bet she and Tilman would have fun playing together. She could teach Tilman to stand. We are still working on that!

  5. I have wondered about pigtails, they are a bit tight. ha.
    I would love to get betsy and tillman together. Please come visit this weekend :)

  6. Can she get any cuter?! Love the pigtails. By the way, the meanest mom club has some fantastic members. I'm glad you could join us :)

  7. had i realized there were such great mean moms in the meanest mom club. I would have joined a long time ago! Do we have t-shirts?

  8. Can't you talk to Danielle F.? She's got the t-shirt hook up! Who cares if they say MAYB on them somewhere. :)


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