swimming lessons part II

*Well i guess I wasn't done with my post about ek's swimming lessons. I forgot a good "eye" story.  There was a 80ish year old grandma that brought her grandchildren to lessons after us. She took one look at betsy and promptly asked about her eye. I responded that she had an accident and lost the vision. (I was pretty impressed that I didn't go with the pink eye response. I must be maturing) Anyhoo. She replied "well we must be twins, because I have glaucoma." Yup. twins alright. Hope I take the right one home with me.
*here are some more photos of betsy and max during swimming lessons. 
guess how many fruit snacks i can fit in my mouth?
seriously how much longer?
i want to go hoooooommmmmmeeee
the double wink.
double wink with thumbs up...very rare
do not be alarmed. i did not break my nose during the shooting of this picture. only looks like it.
one more time...why can't I take swimming lessons?
have you seen my twin? we both have glaucoma.
whose excited to go home?


  1. Maybe you should have grabbed the wrong twin. Or taken them both. An 80 year old grandma around the house could be kind of nice.

  2. shoot. good thinking, that would have been nice.

  3. Oh, Sarajane, you just make me smile! Give the kids a big hug from me!

  4. I read your blog at work and started laughing out loud. I had to explain myself to my friends. Amy is right - an 80 year old grandma might be nice around the house...and she'd be adorable in some of Betsy's little outfits!

  5. Grace says, "That picture of Max with his mouth open saying I want to go hooome is like me yelling at Judah saying Nooooo!"

  6. I just about peed my pants fron laughing so hard, Sara. Highlight of my day!...yeah, my day was pretty interesting.


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