jobs and swim lessons

* Ella kate asked why I don:t have a job. Before I could launch into the speech of stay at home moms everywhere, she said " Oh I remember, your job is going to the grocery store" Wait. Stop. Someone is suppose to be paying me for grocery shopping...nice. now where's my check?

*So Ek started swimming lessons last week. (yup we are the people that do lessons at the end of summer) She is taking private lessons from a wonderful teacher (thanks to whoever cancelled to get us in) They are 2 brothers who teach at their home pool. It's wonderful. Our first day we made quite the impression (shocking i know). I was meeting the swim instructor and while pulling ek's swim cover-up over her head, it got tangled and at that exact moment a bee landed on my nose.  So here I am with ek hollering about being stuck, me literally hitting myself in the face, while max (who was stung last week) is screaming HONEY BEE HONEY BEE HONEY BEE! The impression we made will probably cause this young man to rethink marriage and children.  But we dislodged ek, finally got rid of the bee and calmed max with fruit snacks.  All in a day's work around here.  
*the cheering section. (who require massive amounts of fruit snacks and puffs to stay entertained for a measly 1/2 hour.)

*We do have a great time at our morning swim/picnic's as long as the bees stay away!


  1. Best swimming lesson story ever.

  2. yup. we really impressed Chacour!


  4. Oh my gosh- I laughed so hard reading this post! I read most of it to Chad. lol

  5. Again, I'm reading at work and laughing out loud! You make me smile everyday :)


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