quiet house.

*Betsy has a confession.  She likes being an only child.  The older two are at Grampy and Mimi's for a couple of days and betsy is loving it. No worries about whose going to knock her over next, no yelling during her naps and free range to chew on any toys, even the coveted tinkerbell.
*I let her pick whatever she wanted to do yesterday. She chose wisely...Target and sweet tea.  Good girl.  I asked her if she misses her siblings. Her response "ask me tomorrow". 
*On a side note. Betsy is doing very well wearing her conformer for extended periods of time.  Today we start 60 hours straight. Then 24 hour rest. 
* I have started drawing on her conformer (no worries Bud the ocularist said it was ok) to help me tell quickly if it is in the correct way. The conformer can rotate around when she rubs her eye, which apparently does NOT feel good.  I would love to draw elaborate pictures, but alas my lack of drawing ability leaves only a few choices. So today is a smiley face. Ironically enough I draw a really killer skull (much to my mother's dismay) which would be very fitting for our pirate princess, but haven't gotten up the nerve yet. Maybe next week.


  1. You make me smile :) Betsy is very wise for such a young age.

  2. Gretchen may already be counting down the days until her big brother and sister go stay with Grandma and Grandpa, too! :)

  3. We have had a great time with Max & Ella Kate! Max is a riot. Ella and Lulu were sharks at the pool tonight. :) Can't wait until Betsy gets to come to cousin camp!

  4. PS I knew that Betsy was a smart cookie. Does she have her own sweet tea punch card @ McAllisters yet?

  5. What?! McAllisters has punch cards?! Oh that is the best news ever! Love the pics. Cannot wait to love on all three of your kiddos soon.

  6. katie- of course betsy has her own punch card. It's almost filled.

    Tonya-punch cards..YES. Did you know that you can also buy tea in large quantities to take home?


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