hot hot hot.

*It's still hot. The kinda of hot that no matter how hard I try, my hair resembles Gene Wilder's. Betsy's is more like Kramer?

*The big kids returned from grampy and mimi's refreshed and spoiled. EllaKate came back with grandiose ideas that i could recreate grampy's rubber chicken shaped pancake. good news/bad news.  Good news I SaraJane made light and fluffy pancakes! (side note: I make thick and burned pancakes. Ellakate loves to announce this fact to anyone that will listen.) Zack even agreed they were quite good, although since he was asleep he's skeptical that I actually made them. Bad news, rubber chickens are hard to make. When I flipped mine over it broke and then resembled a tree, which she liked. go figure. 
*here are some pictures of our evening activities. Notice how green and lush the grass is. Did I mention the heat index yesterday was 107? Betsy really does love the pool, she just hides it well.

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  1. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites! Love your candid, funny honesty.


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