have i mentioned it's hot?

*so it's still hot around here and I am O.V.E.R. it.  Here's a picture of the kids gazing outside wondering when they can go out again.  It was only 89 degrees at 8:30 this morning. blah.
*Ellakate and Max spent the bulk of the day like this...
*i believe she is a cowgirl super hero?  We were all lassoed many times, or more accurately whipped in the face.  Needless to say the lasso was retired early on.
*yup 105 outside and max chooses a nice cool t-rex costume. If you look closely in the background, you can see betsy fainted from the shock of him putting on such a sweaty outfit.  I did finally make him take it off, however if he ever decides to wrestle, this outfit is great for dropping water weight.
*miss betsy decided against any costumes today. But she is celebrating wearing her conformer for 3 days straight! She really is a trooper.
*We did FINALLY venture outside about 8:30 pm. It was all fun and games for about 10 minutes until Max got stung by a bee.  So ends the night.


  1. Hey Max, can I borrow the T-Rex! I need to loose a few!

  2. Love your kiddos! Max's costume is super duper cute. Way to go Betsy (and mom!) on the conformer!


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