weekend recap

*Grampy Stew came this weekend and spent 2 nights with us since zack worked. He also delivered max's big kid bed
now that's good sleeping!
*Saturday we went to the Barn Sale outside of town. My sister Katie and her friend Kendra debuted their new business PlaneJane Designs! They are selling wreaths (we gave away one here awhile back anyone for a wreath)  They also have great jewelry, custom stamped necklaces, birthday calendars, etc.  I will get some pictures up from the sale later.  I think that if I sell one more wreath to my friends I win a free toaster!
*while at the barn sale I ran into a friend. She explained that her daughter was doing something a bit unsafe so she told her to stop or she would poke her eye out. Her daughter's reply.."it's ok mom, I know a baby who only has 1 eye and she's ok".  Great stuff. 
* I had a great mother's day.  I spent the day having pancakes made by grampy, zack cleaned the house and I got to take a 3 hour UNINTERRUPTED nap. I did wake up with everyone standing over me wondering what the heck was for dinner. So we ended the day by going to the grocery store.  Zack always takes all 3 kids in a cart and roams around the store while I shop. I like to pretend that I am a single girl just out for leisurely shopping until i look down and see the 6 gallons of milk. hello face. meet a giant slap from reality.
*betsy and I are already not loving the heat. Nursing in the summer not fun.  Sweaty momma + sweaty baby + hot breast milk = SONIC :)
yay sonic!


  1. you crack me up. I will have to remember the breastfeeding in summer=sonic. :)

  2. oh- and i like to do the single girl thing at the grocery store too. until I realize I'm pushing the little car cart with a toddler pretending to drive below me. :)


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