naptime yet?

*today there are no cute pictures of the kids. I had my hands full with betsy and dragging the older two to the timeout chair.
*betsy and I spent most of the wee hours of the morning bonding together. she has another darn cold.  Then I finally got her to sleep only to watch my husband spend 3 minutes trying to turn off his headphones to the laptop instead of his alarm. He's a lucky man that he didnt wake her!
*this is our morning so far:
-2 full bowls of cereal spilled.
-4 dirty diapers
-failed attempt at walk around the block, turned around after 500 feet due to broken flip flop, toe run over by scooter and max falling down in a puddle.
-once home tried to play outside. nope. massive wreck on skates, bubble wand to my eye, scooter to my shin, couple of fist fights and max spilled the entire new bottle of bubbles.
_we did take a break, change clothes and try outside again. Yea for britton and danielle to brighten up our day.
*now off to naps...crap its only 10:30.


  1. Oh my word. You didn't tell me about all that too! Geez Louize.

  2. i can only share days like this in small doses. you got the afternoon stuff :)

  3. seriously glad this day is over for you! I love Amy's fb status. It says it all. tomorrow is our official full day with all kids home all day. oh boy. we might need to do half price drinks together sometime.

  4. jodi-at this rate..i'll spring for full price drinks :)

  5. I want in on these drinks, too!


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